Rock Radio and More Presents -The AYMERICH Show: Vrillon Speech

Back in the day The AYMERICH Show was called The DARKSIDE and was hosted by Will Aymerich, Kat Grant and Bruce Mangan. They talked about a whole bunch of things on the show and many topics became popular… One particular one was the possible Alien communication called the Vrillon Speech. The event is as follows, A speaker interrupted transmissions for six minutes and claimed to be a representative of an “Intergalactic Association”. Reports of the incident vary, some calling the speaker “Vrillon” or “Gillon”, others “Asteron”. Eh who knows… The voice, which was disguised and accompanied by a deep buzzing, broke into the broadcast of the local ITV station Southern Television, overriding the UHF audio signal of the early-evening news being read by Andrew Gardner from ITN to warn viewers that “All your weapons of evil must be removed” and “You have but a short time to learn to live together in peace.”
The interruption ceased shortly after the statement had been delivered, transmissions returning to normal shortly before the end of a Looney Tunes cartoon. Later in the evening, Southern Television apologized for what it described as “a breakthrough in sound” for some viewers. ITN also reported on the incident in its own late-evening Saturday bulletin… The broadcast took over the sound only, leaving the video signal unaltered, aside from some picture distortion.
We all Talk about the event, give some history about the name and possible theories about the how the transmission could have happened!



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